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How To Create a Bee Friendly Garden

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

There has been so much activity around our lavender bush this summer, and although the flowers aren’t my personal favourite it’s hard to remove when it supports so many bees!

It’s so important to keep your garden (or an area of it) “bee friendly” so we compiled a few ways this can be done:

🌸 Grow a range of plants with complimentary flowering seasons, as this will encourage bees to spend their summers in your garden!

☀️ Keep a small water supply available to hydrate bees on hot sunny days - fill a shallow dish with pebbles and water and leave in a bee-safe space.

🏨 Bee hotels are made to attract solitary species who lay their eggs in the hollow tubes.

🌱 Don’t worry about weeding! Small flowers that crop up amongst weeds like dandelions and clovers produce nectar and pollen for bees. If you prefer to keep a tidy lawn, keeping a “wild flowers” area in your garden is a great alternative!


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