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The Problem With Plastic

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

It's just over five years since supermarkets introduced the 5p tax on single use plastic bags. However, in 2018/19 we were still using more than ONE BILLION single use plastic bags to do our shopping.


Supermarkets also sold over a billion 'bags for life' in 2019. These bags have substantially more plastic than single use and, despite shoppers best intentions, rarely get used more than once - let alone a lifetime.


We designed a range of sustainable Mesh Cotton Grocery Bags for loose fruit or vegetables - a strong, beautiful and practical alternative to plastic bags.

The Forager's Cottage Grocery Bags

These lightweight grocery bags are machine washable, available in three styles and have a handy drawstring to ensure your groceries won't fall out.

Made from Fairtrade and GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, these sustainable and stylish bags feature a breathable mesh to keep contents fresh as well as a strengthened base, keeping life a little cleaner. They also provide a functional and clean solution to storing vegetables at home - including in the fridge!

From storing spuds in a cool, dark cupboard to showing off your home grown carrot tops hanging up in the kitchen, our Fairtrade Cotton Mesh Grocery Bags offer a replacement to plastic that you can really trust.


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