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Sloe Gin Recipe

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Tips for picking sloe berries:

  • Pick the berries once they are ripe and after the first frost, if you can

  • If picking earlier than the first frost, put the berries in a container and freeze - make sure they are fully thawed before using

  • Pick berries that are high off the ground, away from passing foxes or dogs

  • Be careful of the thorns!

You’ll need:

  • Large Sealable Jars

  • Golden Caster Sugar

  • Sloe Berries

  • Cheap Gin!

500g Sloe Berries

250g Golden Caster Sugar

1L Gin -

1kg Sloe Berries

500g Golden Caster Sugar

2L Gin


2kg Sloe Berries

1kg Golden Caster Sugar

4L Gin


2.5kg berries

1.5kg Golden Caster Sugar

5L Gin


1. After picking your berries (or defrosting them), prick them with a needle, cocktail stick or other sharp object

2. Combine the gin, golden caster sugar and sloe berries in a large sealable jar / bottle - don't forget to sterilise the jar(s) first - instructions on how to do this are here

3. Store the jar(s) in a cool dark place and shake once a day for seven days, then once / twice a week for three months

Three months later:

4. Remove the berries and strain the gin through a muslin cloth / sieve

5. The gin is now ready to drink, however it will mature and improve over time - we recommend storing for up to a year before enjoying, perhaps drinking last years gin as you make the next!



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