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How To Keep Your Bread Fresher for Longer

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

If you want to keep your bread fresher for longer you should store your bread in a cotton bag, according to an article published by Which?.com.

One of the main reasons your culinary creations are going stale quickly is because you’re not adding the extra additives or preservatives that supermarkets tend to make good use of. To keep your home-baked loaves fresh, you need a storage solution which manages how much air they get exposed to. Too much air and your bread will go stale quickly, too little and your loaves will grow mould. We designed the Wheat Fields Bread Bag, made from Fairtrade and organic cotton which regulates temperature and air flow - keeping your bread fresher for longer!

During the design phase of the Wheat Fields Bread Bags, we tested other bread storage solutions including bread bins, linen bread bags and plastic containers.

Bread bins are great for storage space however allow for constant air flow, meaning bread dries out and goes stale quickly. The use of airtight containers like plastic containers or plastic bags retain moisture and provide perfect mould-growth conditions, and linen bags kept our bread fresh but required regular ironing to remove creases (if creases are left they will eventually tear the fabric).


The cotton used to make our bread bags is organic, Fairtrade and GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standards), it's grown under rainfall (opposed to irrigation) and without the use of harmful pesticides or fertilisers.

After the cotton fibres are hand-picked, the rest of the plant also goes to good use. The seeds are used for animal feed and cottonseed oil, and the plant stalks are tilled back in the soil after harvesting. As cotton is made up of cellulose - a natural polymer - it biodegrades naturally, but can also be digested by cattle and horses!



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