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How To: Care For Your Serving Board

Updated: Mar 10

Serving boards are an integral part of every get-together, ideal for charcuterie; cheese; fruit or crudités, our beautiful wooden boards provide a unique and beautiful foundation for your sharing spread.

Our team of dedicated wood-workers lovingly craft each board in our small workshop based in the South Downs National Park - every piece becoming a unique 'one-off', and made to last.

After undergoing a comprehensive quality control process, every board is coated in a food-safe combination of plant oils and waxes - providing protection against food or drink stains. As this protective layer is natural and biodegradable, it will wear off over time. To preserve your board, we recommend applying a similar oil or wax every three to six months (depending on usage).

Your serving board is made from a single solid piece of wood - meaning it needs a little more TLC than other boards you might own.

When treated with care and well maintained, your board will last a lifetime.

  • NEVER fully submerge your board in water or allow it to sit in standing water, the wood will absorb the water and cause it to warp (or create the perfect environment for mould to grow)

  • Lightly wipe clean with a damp cloth - ensure both sides are wiped evenly to prevent warping

  • Ensure your board is fully dry before laying flat (if one side of the board is dry before the other, this may also cause the board to warp)

  • Do not leave food on your board for prolonged periods of time

  • NEVER use harmful substances such as bleach on your board. These are not food-safe and may cause damage to both your health and the board.

  • Do NOT put your board in the oven / dishwasher / microwave / freezer

As wood is porous it can absorb water, juice or oil from your food - this can lead to unsightly food stains or aromas. Use a combination of coarse salt and 1/2 lemon to scrub these unpleasantries away. Your board may require an immediate top-up of food-safe wax or mineral oil to protect it against stains in the future.


We're invested in our serving boards, so if yours needs a pick-me-up - send it back to us and we'll work our magic.

How our guarantee works:

  • Send your board to our address listed below (make sure it's in protective packaging!)

  • We'll refurbish your board and return it to you

This guarantee is limited to once-per-year. You pay for the initial postage - we'll cover the postage back to you. Please contact us quoting your order number and delivery address in advance.

If you have any queries about our care instructions or Maintenance Guarantee, Contact Us.



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